ArcheryGB Level 1 & 2

Course cost:  £70 per module

Duration:  Each module is a full day session

Location: Indigo Archery, BA3 5EX

Next Course: Spring/Summer 2020 (register for attendance now)

Limited places – register your interest and we will keep you posted

If you are here then you might already know that the L1 and L2 courses previously available have been changed significantly.  The course is now completed by undertaking a modular approach to learning and development.  These can be taken over a period of time and with multiple trainers.

Session Award in Coaching Archery (level 1)

  • Creating Engaging Sessions

  • Being a Better Coach Every Year

  • Introduction to Technique.

  • Supported Practice and Coach Presentation.


Development Coach (Level 2)

  • Developing/knowing the archer in front of you.

  • Empowering Coaching for Archery

  • Introduction of Technique

  • Coaching Technique

  • Equipment Setup (Recurve)

  • Equipment Setup (Compound)

  • Supported Practice and Coach Presentation.

Each module is a 1 day session.  Some of which are classroom based and others are a mix of class and practical.  These modules are also acceptable as CPD points to maintain your L2/L3 licence.

If you are interested in gaining one of these qualifications then do let us know and we will put you on our waiting lists and can give you regular updates on when these will take place.

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