At your venue

Cost:  Prices vary to suit your needs and requirements

Duration:  That’s up to you!

We can have everything set up and ready to go at your BBQ or evening party – we can run this indoors or outdoors.

How does it work?  We adapt to your location and your guests requirements

We can run ‘have-a-go’ archery at your evening party.  This is best run when you have a venue that faces out on to a sports field where we can set up our range.

As your guests enjoy the delights of your DJ (and the bar in moderation if they want to shoot a few arrows!), they can walk over to a designated archery range and shoot a few arrows under our instruction.  This is a popular activity amongst families as we have the right equipment for all ages from age 6 – 106.

Your guests will have the chance to shoot a few arrows before moving on to allow everyone to have a go. We can accommodate around a 100 people throughout the evening and we usually see those that get hooked coming back time after time. We would of course need to ensure that there is not an evening game of cricket going on at the same time and that we are not too close to your bouncy castle!

Obviously this needs quite a lot of space, so this needs a bit of planning.  We will only run events where we can conform to ArcheryGB guidance in respect of an appropriate safe area, so we might need to visit prior to your event to check we can do this.

We also have a portable range that we can set-up in indoors in a suitable size hall.  Our protective net will catch those odd stray arrows that don’t find their way to the target and will ensure that there is no impact on your venue hire deposit.

We suggest you contact us to discuss how we can make this work at your event.


As you know, archery is a safe sport as long as we all follow a few basic rules.  We run this session as a ‘have-a-go session’ and as such your guests are supervised throughout.  This is not an opportunity to learn how to shoot as most of your guests will only shoot 6 or 12 arrows each. 

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