Course cost:  £115 per person.

Duration:  3 months (as required by DofE)

Next Course:  Register your interest with us now – our Spring 2020 course is now fully booked, but do get in touch as we will have another course later this year.

If you are looking to participate in Archery for your Duke of Edinburgh Award, then this is an ideal opportunity for you.

We can help you learn and develop the skill of archery.  We can also provide you with support to complete your activity log.

Each session will be at least of 1 hour duration.

There are two parts to this course – the first is to undertake the Archery GB beginners course.  This takes at least 8 hours which we spread over the first 8 weeks.  We will monitor your development over this time and then for the remaining weeks we will provide you with advanced coaching to get you hitting that target consistently.


You will learn about the equipment, how to shoot safely, and most importantly learn how to shoot and know what is right and what is not so good!

  • We provide instruction on shooting different styles, and support your first milestones in learning the skill of archery.

  • On completion of the first part of the course (8 hours) you can consider yourself an archer and you can shoot unsupervised on our range.

  • Our DofE Archery course is available on the same day/time each week, but if you miss one, we can support you in ensuring that your activity log is appropriately maintained for your DofE leader to verify.

  • Basic Course Structure

    • Week 1 to 8 – Basic archery and the concept of gap shooting, using a bow-sight, scoring your arrows and using different bow types.

    • Week 9 to 12 – Practice and advanced skills

This activity will usually count towards your Duke of Edinburgh’s Physical section, please check with your DofE Leader for applicability before booking.

WARNING: Archery is addictive !  If you want to continue archery you are likley to want your own intermediate bow having outgrown a basic beginners bow.  We can help you decide on what equipment you might want to consider. 

Should you wish to use this as an activity for your next DofE award do speak to your DofE Leader and we will provide support and advice to help you best achieve this.

On completion of your first 8 weeks you can come and use our range and hire our kit at any time to support your own development.


As you know, archery is a safe sport as long as we all follow a few basic rules.  Our insurers are very strict on how we assess and demonstrate your competency to shoot.  As a consequence we will need to ask you for some basic information before you can shoot, this will include your agreement to the rules of the range and is for the safety of everyone. 

For under 18’s a parent or guardian must remain on the premises, but don’t fear, you can relax in our viewing area with a cappuccino, and watch all those arrows hitting the gold!

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