Fêtes & Fayres

Archery is a very popular activity at events and a great opportunity for your visitors to have-a-go as well as help in your fundraising needs.

If you want to run archery at your event we have a few solutions available.  We can provide the equipment and instructors for free and charge your visitors (working on a profit share basis), or we can provide our services for a fixed fee.  For established events we may pay a pitch fee to attend.

Example of the services include:

‘Have-a-go’ archery using real sharp arrows. 

We provide 1:1 tuition to every participant to shoot 6 arrows per payment.  Obviously this needs quite a lot of space, so this needs a bit of planning.  We will only run events where we can conform to ArcheryGB guidance in respect of an appropriate participant area and a safe overshoot/no-mans-land away from the crowds.  We might need to visit prior to your event to check we can do this.

‘Sucker’ Archery  (no pointy arrows!)

This is a more informal shoot that can be run in an area of 10 x 10m This is ideal at infant/junior school fetes and can work in an average classroom or outside in a corner of the playground.  We have our own small marquee that can be erected to protect us from the sun and maintain a safe shooting area.

We get booked up well in advance for these events so do not hesitate to  contact us to discuss your requirements and known date.

For all events our service includes all equipment, instructors, full liability insurance and any necessary assessments as required.

As you know, archery is a safe sport as long as we all follow a few basic rules.  We run this session as a ‘have-a-go session’ and as such your guests are supervised throughout.  This is not an opportunity to learn how to shoot as most of your guests will only shoot 6 or 12 arrows each. 

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