Taster Sessions

Session cost:  £16 per person.

Duration:  1 Hour  – Booking is advisable , but not always necessary.

If you have never tried archery, or you have had a quick go at a fair then this is a great way to have-a-go at archery without the need to learn anything more than how to hold the bow and shoot a few arrows in a controlled environment and in a safe and easy manner.

  • Our experienced coaches will provide some basic instruction and have you hitting the target in no time.
  • This is a 1-hour session, where you will shoot around 40 or so arrows. 
  • We may start you off at a short distance just to get a feel for the bow, plus we also have portable targets that we can put at different distances to suit all abilities on the range at the same time.
  • These sessions are available in small groups or 1:1.
  • Archers can be as young as 5 or 6.  For archers under 8 we suggest you come and visit us first as the range can be a little overwhelming for some.
  • This is not an instructional course – it is a chance to have-a-go.  This means that we are providing direct supervision and will give you guidance on safety, a quick demonstration, and enough basic information to have you hit the target with a bow and lots of arrows (not all at once!). 

WARNING: This session will not give you enough information to learn to shoot unsupervised, there just isn’t enough time to do this in one session!  We will of course adapt this session if you have a bit of basic experience so that you are not starting from scratch.

If you want to learn the sport so that you can shoot unsupervised then you need to look at our Beginners Course.

As you know, archery is a safe sport as long as we all follow a few basic rules.  Our insurers are very strict on how we assess and demonstrate your competency to shoot.  As a consequence we will need to ask you for some basic information before you can shoot, this will include your agreement to the rules of the range and is for the safety of everyone. 

For under 18’s a parent or guardian must remain on the premises, but don’t fear, you can relax in our viewing area with a cappuccino, and watch all those arrows hitting the gold!

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