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OK so we don’t have a ‘How to’ on shooting a bow & arrow, but you are in the right place to find out how to shoot some arrows on our range!

To use our range you will need to demonstrate an acceptable level of ability to shoot as well as be fully aware of range safety. But do not fear, we can help you gain that ability and confidence and hopefully some skill!



I am new to archery…

So you have never tried archery, or you have had a quick go at a fair.

Taster session £16 – This is a great way to have-a-go at archery without the need to learn anything more than how to hold the bow and shoot a few arrows. Your coach will provide some basic instruction and have you hitting the target in no time. This is a 1-hour session, where you will shoot around 40 arrows at a short distance. These sessions are available in small groups or 1:1.

Beginners Course £75 -So want to learn a bit more about archery! This is a course of 4 sessions of 2 hours with our qualified coaches. You will learn about the equipment, how to shoot safely, and most importantly learn how to shoot. We provide instruction on shooting different styles, and support your first milestones in learning the skill of archery. On completion of the course you can consider yourself a novice archer and can shoot unsupervised on our range. These sessions are available in groups or you can arrange for a 1:1 session.

Refresher session £16 – This session is for those that have not used a bow recently, but you know about range safety & using the right equipment. You are likely to have completed a beginners course at a local club in the last three years, but have not had opportunity to shoot since. We can provide you with equipment for this session and help you remember what you learnt on your course. This is a 1 hour session, and is available in small groups or 1:1.

Novice to Experienced archers…

Having recently completed a beginners course or you have your own equipment and know what you are doing there is something available for you…from £6.50 for 1 hour (£9.50 for 2 hours), you can use your own kit, or hire ours before you commit to your own.

Local Club member – You know what you are doing! Show us your Archery GB card and we will let you shoot unsupervised on our range.  If you want to hire some equipment, then we can provide you with basic equipment.  You can purchase 1 hour blocks to shoot at your leisure. 

Non Club Member – If you have completed a beginners course with us or your local club in the last six months, then you are welcome to shoot unsupervised on our range.  If you don’t fit in to the above, we may still allow you to shoot following a short competency session.  Please discuss this with us and we can tell you straight away if you are able to shoot.

Coaching – There is always something new to learn, and it’s also very easy to pick up bad habits that can affect your shot.

If you have shot a lot of arrows since your beginners course and you are at a stumbling block as to what you are doing right or wrong, or you simply want some help in tuning your equipment further, then we can provide 1:1 or group coaching to help your progress.  Ask us for more details so that we can provide you with a bespoke session.


As you know, archery is a safe sport as long as we all follow a few basic rules.  Our insurers are very strict on how we assess and demonstrate your competency to shoot.  As a consequence we will need to ask you for some basic information before you can shoot, this will include your agreement to the rules of the range and is for the safety of everyone. 

For under 18’s a parent or guardian must remain on the premises, but don’t fear, you can relax in our viewing area with a cappuccino, and watch all those arrows hitting the gold!

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