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We don’t sell on the internet or do mail order – we are a local shop providing you spares, repairs and new equipment face to face with free advice and the opportunity to get a feel for what you are buying; Or if you need to, try it out on the range!

Risers - lots of colours

If you are looking for your first riser, or you want to upgrade, we have a selection of these in stock in your favourite colours.  We will spend time with you (at no extra cost) discussing your requirements and trying out various options on our range to find out what suits you.

We do like the WNS range of limbs and stock a wide variety of sizes and different poundages to suit your pocket and skill level.

We also have a small selection of OakRidge bows if you looking for the simplicity of a flat or hybrid one-piece bow.

You might already know that finding the right arrow to suit you and your bow is a very important first step to matching your equipment and can be a bit daunting.  So we make arrow buying simple and provide a free arrow measuring service to work out the best size and spine to suit you and your bow and will make each set specifically to suit you.

We stock Easton aluminium arrows in a variety of price ranges from the basic arrows that you use in our classes right up to competition ACC Carbon arrows.

We also have a lot of experience of setting up Scout Groups and Clubs with varying sizes of equipment, and can provide you with an informed choice on what will suit you and your budget.



We stock a variety of the items that you are likely going to need or may just want to add to your set-up as well as all the spares that you might need if your arrows are suffering from some excellent close shooting!

If you are starting out in archery, then we would suggest you get your eye in on our hire equipment to get started.  But once you have an idea of what works for you we can help you get set up with that first bow and have a selection of risers and limbs available.

We stock a range of tabs, quivers, bags…the list is too long to write them all down here, so come and take a look.

Should you need some equipment fixing, or merely want your arrows shortening or your piles or nocks changing, just ask.

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